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Interesting facts about FE analyses, CFD simulations, multi-body simulations, design, measurements and engineering consulting during product development.
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We design, analyze, evaluate and optimize your products and processes by using state-of-the-art simulation technology. Our goal is to meet your expectations. Computer based simulations are a „virtual testing laboratory“ providing valuable results in advance. Using the available tools skillfully, distressing surprises in the final stages of the project can be avoided. With our help, you can leave your competitors behind!

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Finte Elemente Aggregat

FE Analysis

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a numerical method which allows for the stress and deformation analysis of complex structures by subdividing them into a large number of smaller elements that have simple geometrical shape and are, consequently, easier to describe in their behavior.


CFD Simulations

CFD Simulation as a "virtual testing laboratory" provides more and deeper insight into complex physical phenomena than tests or measurements.

MKS Simulation

Multibody System Dynamics

The so-called multi-body systems normally consist of parts, that are connected with joints, springs, dampers or contacts.


AM Simulation

AM means Additives Manufacturing and concentrates on the simulation of the 3D printing process.



We offer initial design work as well as adopting existing engineering designs from clients. Changes motivated by analysis results are included in the redesign.



Experience shows, that the understanding of the structural behaviour gained by simulation is essential for the planning of tests and for the interpretation of test data.



Product development requires one thing in particular - knowledge. Besides handling engineering projects we offer training courses and seminars.



As a member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (section consulting engineers), we are authorized to give an expert report acc. to §134 Industrial Code (GewO).

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