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Having performed computer simulations successfully in more than 600 projects allows us to present a wide selection of reference projects which are not subject to confidentiality. Please understand, that maintaining confidentiality with respect to the data and even the identity of our customers is of utmost importance for us. For this reason we left out many projects which deserve to be showcased, but are not released to the public.

For giving you a better overview, we provide a coarse classification of the projects by those sectors in which we are mostly – but not exclusively – active. In case you are missing your sector of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mechanical Engineering

The analysis of structures by means of the Finite Element Method (FE) and the analysis of fluid flow with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) require expert knowledge which we readily provide for our customers!


Plant Engineering

Many Austrian companies are active in the field of plant engineering. We support companies that are confronted with complex problems, but do not want to maintain their own simulation departments.


Traffic Engineering

We are heavily involved in projects in the field of traffic engineering, with a focus on railroad engineering.


Automotive Engineering

Our clients in the automotive sector are both automobile manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As a consequence the range of projects is very diverse.


Aerospace Engineering

Consulting in the aerospace sector requires extensive knowledge in the fields of lightweight design, composite engineering, aerodynamics and aero-elasticity.


Polymers and Composites

Polymers and composites are important construction materials in mechanical engineering. Their mechanical response is more complex than that of traditional materials such as steel.

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Civil Engineering

In the field of civil engineering our activities are focused mainly on steel construction and on the analysis of air flow in and around buildings.


Medical Engineering

Our activities in the field of medical engineering comprise the design of implants and prosthetics, along with research on bone tissue characterization and mechanics.


Sports Equipment

Designing sports equipment is an exciting task, because the market is often willing to pay for highly optimized equipment made from expensive materials.


Industrial sectors

As consultants for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) we are active in many different industrial sectors.



On this page you will find a selection of our clients, for whom we have already completed numerous projects.

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