Stress Concepts

LIMIT Spannungskonzepte

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LIMIT 2013 has improved capabilities for the assessment of welded structures. This includes concepts for the shell assessment as well as new concepts for solid element models.

To begin with, important terms relevant to stress concepts are introduced. Three different characteristic stress values can be distinguished in the stress-based assessment concepts (Hobbacher , A., 2007, Recommendations for Fatigue Design of Welded Joints and Components, International Institute of Welding):

  • - Nominal stress
  • - Structural hot spot stress
  • - Local peak stress

Fig.: Characteristic Stress Values for different Stress Concepts (Hobbacher 2007)

The structural stress is determined by linear extrapolation of the surface stresses from the reference points to the hot spot at the weld toe. For shell elements the surface stresses are readily available. For solid elements, the surface stresses are calculated under the assumption of a linear stress distribution over the cross section. For solid models LIMIT uses the so called sensor technology.

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