LIMIT Workflow

Fig.: Workflow of strength assessment with LIMIT

1) Preprocessing:
Model creation with a Finite Element preprocessor (Patran, HyperMesh ...)

  • - Creation of a Finite Element mesh based on CAD geometry.
  • - Definition of boundary conditions
  • - Definition of loads
    - Definition of assessment sets (= assessment groups) containing nodes and elements in the pre-processing program

2) FE input:
Running the Finite Element analysis in one of the supported FE codes

    • - Calculating  the displacements
    • - Calculating stress data for a large number of loadcases
    • - Generation of the result data file in one of the following formats: .odb, .op2 or .res

3) Strength assessment with LIMIT

a) A new project begins with the import of a Finite Element model into LIMIT-CAE

Abb: LIMIT CAE - stress assessment of welded seems, EC3

b) Creating the complete assessment job by:

  • - Choosing the areas of interest as element and node sets (menu: Sets)
  • - Generating sensor elements for structural hot spot stress assessment in combination with solid meshes (menu: Sensors)
  • - Choosing Finite Element results, generating stress states using the superposition principal and defining load scenarios, time histories or load spectra (menu: Loads)
  • - Selection of design codes or guidelines and assigning them to assessment zones of interest leading to so called setups (menu: Setups)
  • - Definition of assessment jobs by combining setups and load scenarios (menu: Jobs)
  • - Running the job and managing results


c) Visualization of the results with the post-processing program LIMIT-VIEWER

    • - Identifying critical regions
    • - Validation of results
    • - Documentation

Fig.: LIMIT Viewer - degree of utilization according to FKM-guideline


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