LIMIT Software FAQs

LIMIT Software FAQs
  • Are there structural hot spot stress concepts for solids?

    In spring 2013 we introduced a novel technique called sensor elements. The sensors calculate the section forces and moments from the displacement fields near the structural hot spot. The advantage of the method is a simple application and mesh independency allowing volume elements such as TET10s. See also: NAFEMS Presentation Sensors

  • Is DVS 1612 available in LIMIT?

    LIMIT includes two DVS codes: DVS1612 and DVS1608. Examples for the assessment of welds according to DVS1612 can be found in the following document: LIMIT - Best practice DVS 1612


  • Which design codes are available?

    In the following figure all assessment types, codes and element types are listed. Sensors are a special technique for the structural hot spot stress calculation using unstructured volume element models (see further FAQs).

    strength table

  • Which FKM guideline is available?

    All important sections of the 6th edition of the FKM guideline are available in LIMIT. The software supports the assessment of non-welded and welded structures made of steel, cast iron and aluminium with respect to static strength as well as variable and constant amplitude fatigue strength. See also: LIMIT Features FKM 6th Edition

  • How are welds assessed?

    Usually welded structures are modeled with shell elements. The stress results often can’t be directly used for the fatigue assessment. Depending on the stress concept (nominal or structural stresses) certain rules for the stress extraction from the FEA model must be followed. Nominal stresses are taken at certain distances from the weld. Structural stresses are calculated according to recommendations of the IIW (International Institute of Welding). LIMIT takes care of the different extraction rules automatically. The following documents describe the assessment procedures within LIMIT in detail: Eurocode and Defining offset endings directions

  • How is LIMIT licensed?

    LIMIT is available as node locked or network license. In both cases a license file is used. In case of the network version, LIMIT uses its on server software, which is installed on a windows machine within the network. Since LIMIT consist of different modules, also the licensing is modular. For more details see: LIMIT Server Installation


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