LIMIT 2017

The new LIMIT 2017 final version is online!

New enhancements and improvements increase the efficiency of your workflow.

Thats new in LIMIT 2017:

- Interfaces were updated to current release status of teh FEA packages
- User defined Partsets that can be used for the generation of Weldsets
- Regeneration of Weldsets after reimport of remeshed or modified shell models
- Additional functions for easier selection in the viewport
- Improved Sensor generation and handling in the SensorManager
- Setup status is listed in SetupManager after reimport of new mesh
- Results such as Degrees of Utilization can be listet in the SetupManager
- DVS1608: The fatigue assessment with reduced load cycle numbers was included
- Viewer: The SetupManager was included in the Viewer enabling weld vizualization
- New improved ReportGenerator

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