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LIMIT 2015 Codes und Normen

LIMIT enables different types of structural strength assessments according to numerous design codes and guidelines.

Currently the following procedures are available:

LIMIT FKM Guideline


The FKM-guideline describes analytical static and fatigue strength assessments procedures of components made of steel, casted iron and aluminum. Base  material can be investigated as well as welded structures.

LIMIT Eurocode 3 und 9

Eurocode 3 / Eurocode 9

The  Eurocodes 3 and 9 (shortform EC) are standardized codes for the design of steel and aluminum structures. These European codes were elaborated by scientists, engineers and practitioners of the member states of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) .

LIMIT Normen 13001

DIN 15018

DIN 15018 is well known as „Kranbaunorm“ and has officially been replaced by the EN 13001.

The code defines the design rules for crane structures under static and fatigue loads.


DVS 1612 / 1608

The DVS guidelines are published by the German Welding Society (Deutscher Verband für Schweißen) and deal with welded structures in railway applications.

LIMIT includes:



The Dang Van criterion is used for fatigue analysis of structures under cyclical multi axial stress states.

The procedure is valid for high cycle fatigue (HCF), i.e., for a minimum of 10^6 load cycles.

Typical application is rolling contact fatigue of train wheels.

LIMIT Benutzerdefiniert

User-defined / S-N-diagrams

LIMIT users can define their own material behaviour via S-N-diagrams.



EN 17149

EN 17149

EN 17149 - Fatigue strength assessment of railway vehicle structures based on cumulative damage

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