Strength Assessment & Evaluation

LIMIT is the leading software for creating stress analysis and more for your components, according to different design codes and engineering standards.
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LIMIT - Stress Evaluation



LIMIT is our self-developed software tool for performing strength assessments based on stress results generated with standard commercial FEA codes. Calculate your safety factors against static and fatigue failure according to different codes and regulations.

New: LIMIT 2019 final version is online! more information

Learn more:
- about the given safety factors of your components
- about the durability of your products
- if your structure might suffer fatigue damage
- if your structure is according to different design codes and engineering standards etc.

By using LIMIT you can detect the critical zones in your structures and judge them according to different codes and guidelines.

Get it started:
LIMIT is easy to learn. After a short introduction via Webinar you can start your own assessments according to different design codes and engineering standards. Look and see!

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LIMIT Statische Festigkeit

Static Strength

General information about the static proof of strength and the application of linear Finite Element methods.

LIMIT Drehgestell

Finite Life Fatigue Strength

General information about finite life fatigue strength or maybe more precisely variable amplitude fatigue strength and S-N-curve.

LIMIT Dauerfestigkeit

Infinite Life Fatigue Strength

General information about infinite life fatigue strength and proof of strength.

LIMIT 2015 Codes und Normen

Engineering Standards / Guidelines

LIMIT enables different types of structural strength assessments according to numerous design codes and guidelines.

LIMIT Spannungskonzepte

Stress Concepts

LIMIT 2013 has improved capabilities for the assessment of welded structures.

LIMIT Software

LIMIT Software

Our software for stress assignments according to various guidelines and engineering standards.

LIMIT Software FAQs

LIMIT Software FAQs

Here you will find answers to current frequently asked questions (FAQ) about licensing, implemented guidelines etc.

LIMIT Funktionen

LIMIT Features Overview

Here you'll find a short overview of important LIMIT features.

LIMIT Infomaterial

LIMIT Documentation & Videos

Here you'll find videos, datasheets, references etc. about LIMIT.

LIMIT Referenzen

LIMIT References

LIMIT is already internationally used for generating fatigue strength assessments. Here you'll find a list of some clients.


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