Research & Development

Forschung und Entwicklung / Research and Development

We conduct research and development projects with different objectives. The following summary describes the most important projects and their goals.

CAMed project

Currently, we are part of a research team at Med Uni Graz, which has set itself the goal of developing additive manufacturing processes that make it possible to produce patient-specific implants for different medical applications directly in the clinic.  Finally, a medical 3D printing center will be established in Graz.  Read more here (GERMAN)!


The software LIMIT is developed by CAE Simulation & Solutions for the evaluation of stress results from finite element methods and the support of corresponding pre-processing procedures. The analysis of fatigue strength is a complex and extensive task. LIMIT performs many of the necessary steps automatically. The main features of LIMIT are:

  • - Stress assessment of welded and non-welded structures
  • - Element types: solid, shell and membrane elements
  • - Implemented standards and guidelines: FKM, DVS1612, DVS1608, EC3, EC9, EN13001, DIN15018
  • - Assessment of multiaxial loading conditions with the method of Dang Van
  • - Interfaces to ABAQUS, ABAQUS/CAE, NASTRAN, NX Nastran, MSC.Patran

Click here to get more information about LIMIT.


The aim of this project is the development of a human powered hydrofoil. The boat is operated as a displacement craft while accelerating from stand-still until the hydrofoil generates enough lift to raise the hull out of the water. After reaching the cruising speed the hull is above the water level and carried by the hydrofoils alone which travel beneath the water surface.

The feasibility of human-powered hydrofoils was already demonstrated by others. The objective of our project is to create a hydrofoil which is easily accessible to a broad target group. The development is driven mainly by simulations covering the following areas:

  • - Design of the propeller
  • - Dynamic stability, steering and ride-height control system
  • - Distribution of lift and drag of the hydrofoils
  • - Drag of the hull
  • - Strength and stiffness of the boat structure

Realistic Bone Modeling to Support Implant Design

We launched a research project with the title "Realistic Bone Modeling for Implant Design". The objective of this project was the development of methods for efficient and realistic analyses of implants and their interaction with the surrounding bone tissue.


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