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On June 27th and June 28th at 10am we will present new features and workflows of LIMIT 2017. The webinar will take approximately one hours. The webinar on the 27th will be held in English, the one on the 28th in German. We will use TeamViewer11 for the webinar. Participants will need speakers or a headset.

If you are interested, please contact us via mail:

Lots of new features and additional workflows make the assessment process even more efficient.

Thats new in LIMIT 2017

Our acoustic simulation now takes another important step towards real conditions by integrating detailed models of the doors!

Real simulation of vehicle acoustics

It's halftime in the CAMED project!  Two years of intensive research into the manufacture of patient-specific rib implants lie behind us - a research project at the Medical University of Graz. We completed and evaluated the stiffness measurements of ribs and cartilage on the chest of cadavers, extracted the anatomy from CT data and built an FE model from the geometry, material and stiffness data. This model of a "healthy" thorax without missing ribs can do a lot, what a person does in the course of a day: breathing, coughing, lyi

Brustkorb Simulation

Merry Xmas!

After this extremely difficult 2020, we wish you a Merry Christmas!  Any professional, economic or social worries may take a back seat to give way to the Christmas magic and shine! Stay healthy and let's start the year 2021 together with the hope for better times!  All the best!  Nikolaus Friedl, Wolfgang Krach and Walter Vonach and our team!


A topic that is treated as having little practical relevance by many people. Here you can find our expertise.

Nichtlinear 1

Determine now parameters of different materials by us using a tensile test!

Tensile testing

Based on numerous steel construction projects from recent years, we can show you here how automated rivet evaluation from FEM models is possible.


How to generate a proof of strength according to the FKM guideline? 16. und 17. September in Vienna (incl. LIMIT free trial for 4 weeks!)

FKM course 2020

CAE gets under the skin

As part of the CAMed research project, a CAE team spent a total of three weeks at the Anatomical Institute of the Medical University of Graz to carry out stiffness measurements... on chest corpses of death bodies.  A separate test bench was designed, developed and built in advance. The data from the measurements are used to create an FE model that can be used to simulate and optimize 3D-printed rib implants.

CAMed Anatomie


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