We are part of the research team...

The CAMed project of the Meduni Graz unites clinicians, medical scientists and mechanical engineers as well as industry partners in a closely networked cooperation with the goal of developing additive manufacturing processes that enable patient-specific implants for different medical applications.  Future music, which should soon become reality!  Both physicians and their patients will then benefit from the tremendous benefits of clinical 3D printing.

In order to reach this goal, 5 scientific and 13 business partners from home and abroad have joined forces to support the development of the process chain for 3D printing at the clinic with their diverse expertise and thus in the future patient care and treatment  optimize and lift to the next level.

The long-term goal of the CAMed project is to establish a medical 3D printing center at the Medical University of Graz in which patient-specific implants, prostheses and tools can be manufactured centrally.

Our task in the research team is to study the digital simulation (FEM) of human bone structures and 3D-printed implants in order to accurately assess how the implants must be designed to perfectly match the properties of the human bone imitate. An exciting research!

Here you can read more about CAMed!

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