Rivet evalution from FEM models!


For the assessment of riveted joints in FE models, usually beam elements are used. The results of the FE calculation (section forces of the beam elements) are assessed using analytical design methods. The permissible values for the corresponding rivet connection are provided by the manufacturers for the tensile/shear forces. In contrast to a bold assessment according to VDI 2230, the use of manufacturer information is necessary because of lack of normative data. The calculation tool uses both linear and quadratic interaction to calculate the safety factors. Accordingly rivet evaluation and also bolt/screw evaluations are therefore available at CAE Simulation & Solutions automatically from FEM models. The application of the bolt and also the rivet assessment was carried out in our house in the context of various steel construction projects in recent years. Questions and inquiries on the subject to Dr. Wolfgang Krach (-> here are the contact details!).


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