The new LIMIT 2016 final version is online!

LIMIT Release 2016

The new LIMIT 2016 final version is online!

New enhancements and improvements increase the efficiency of your workflow.

That's new in LIMIT 2016:

- Improved DVS1612 implementation
- New formulation for the static weld factor in multiaxialloading in FKM and DVS1612
- Improved report generator with better stability
- New interface to Solidworks version 2015
- User programmed python modules can be used to customize GUI
- Weld Sets at Shell-Solid-Interface
- Splitting of welds for local redefinition Improved stress description in LIMIT-Viewer
- Simpler definition of FE-Result in LoadManager by file
- New license server
- New interfaces: ABAQUS2016 and Ansys V161/V162/V170

For further information please see:
LIMIT Release Notes 2016

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