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It's halftime in the CAMED project!  Two years of intensive research into the manufacture of patient-specific rib implants lie behind us - a research project at the Medical University of Graz. We completed and evaluated the stiffness measurements of ribs and cartilage on the chest of cadavers, extracted the anatomy from CT data and built an FE model from the geometry, material and stiffness data. This model of a "healthy" thorax without missing ribs can do a lot, what a person does in the course of a day: breathing, coughing, lying on the side and on the stomach, leaning forward and much more. See also blog post from May 12, 2020.

How will the project continue in the second half? The next step is to simulate how various defects in the chest affect the kinematics and mechanics of the remaining anatomy. The implants currently in use are then installed to see what stresses occur and how the components fail. From this knowledge we can derive an optimized geometry for clinical 3D printing. It remains exciting... details here for reading (pdf)!

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